Glastonbury : Pyramid Stage (Sunday Afternoon)

Run for the hills! The Sugababes are actually smiling!...

Timed to perfection, the [a]Sugababes[/a] take to the Pyramid Stage at exactly the same time ex-member Siobhan Donaghy is making her solo festival debut over in the New Stage. Well aware of the media face-off being played around her, new-girl Heidi Range knows she has a lot to prove. “This song was written before I was in the band when there were three other babes up here,” she says with the confidence of a woman now comfortable in her usurping role. Compared to last year’s somewhat awkward V2002 performance, it’s as though it’s a completely new band up there. Having perfected the art of dancing and singing simultaneously, Keisha and Mutya have even taken some tips from Heidi – and it’s smiles and waves all round. Bless.

Nothing sounds better in the sunshine than dub, but it’s a curse in disguise for [a]Asian Dub Foundation[/a] whose politico-punk messages fall on deaf ears as a blissed-out crowd seem more concerned with foot-tapping than they do about American foreign policy. Still, they’re hard workers, [a]Asian Dub Foundation[/a], and by the time ‘Knocking On The Walls Of Fortress Europe’ comes around, everyone is set to give an asylum seeker a home.

Like a 48-hour romance and nuptials courtesy of the Glastonbury chapel, no festival experience is complete without a set from The Waterboys. Playing for what is possibly the 15th time this weekend, they’ve now got their druid-mantras and mysti-folk down to a T. Imbibed in good Christian fervour, NME.COM wanders off to the Fair Trade Tent to sign every petition going.

With their monster quiffs and dolly-bird dancers, the Leningrad Cowboys claim to be a failing Russian folk band who relocated to America after being told that “they’ll swallow any old shit over there”. But then they also claim to write all their own songs. Either [a]Guns n’ Roses[/a] and Imi Kamoze are in serious trouble, or these guys are just crazy rockabilly jokers from Finland.

Also messing with musical history are the Glastonbury Town Band, who greet the morning sunshine with a brass-band mash-up of Bach and ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ – it’ll certainly give 2Many DJs something to think about for next year.

Krissi Murison