Kinesis : Glasgow King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut

These are strange days, brothers and sisters...

These are strange days, brothers and sisters. Pacified by TV, we sit transfixed as all around us government lies grow deeper and deeper. Economic markets are crashing, bombs are exploding, wars are raging, and now Dirty Den is back in Eastenders – what the fuck is that all about?!

Thank God, then, for [a]Kinesis[/a]. In these times when anything with more depth than a child’s paddling pool is quickly swept aside by popular culture, these four serious, agitated teenagers are singing about foreign wars, social stereotypes, Evil Corporate America…you know, the important stuff.

Occasionally – as on the preachy ‘Everything Destroys Itself’ – it’s difficult not to feel like you’re being shouted at by spotty school-leavers telling you that watching The Simpsons is evil, and the world could probably do without their ill-advised metal rejig of [a]Smiths[/a]’ classic ‘The Boy With The Thorn In His Side’. Nevertheless, do not doubt the band’s intensity – frontman Michael Bromley damn near rips the strings off his guitar in fury during a titanic ‘…And They Obey’. On ‘Civilised Fury’, meanwhile, he spits out a bile-ridden chorus line of [I]”Paint the town red with the blood of the elders”[/I] – surely a crafty swipe at [a]Kinesis[/a]’ political and musical forefathers, the never-shy-of-a-pie [a]Manic Street Preachers[/a], who, over the years, have degenerated into the musical conservatism the Bolton four piece rail against.

[a]Kinesis[/a] might not yet be old enough to shave, but there’s no question that their balls have long since dropped. They’re writing songs more incisive, more relevant than bands twice their age, and playing them with the kind of righteous anger that flies in the face of Rock Poseurdom. Best get that subscription to Marxism Today renewed, sharpish.

Barry Nicolson