Black Rebel Motorcycle Club/The Cooper Temple Clause/Kasabian : London Brixton Academy


...stylishly understated...

Thursday January 29 – that was the last time any of NME caught more than 20 short minutes of comatose, ether-induced sleep. Our mission to bring you all the frontline madness and backstage news and gossip from this year’s Award shows has involved 192 unbelievable hours being shocked, rocked, exhilarated, moved and, frankly, disgusted by a staggering range of performances. We’ve had The White Stripes’ glorious return to Brixton Academy. We’ve watched open-mouthed as My Morning Jacket’s country-prog battled Junior Senior’s shiny Euro pop. We’ve thrilled to the magnificent HAL, laughed out loud at Ludacris’ jaw (and panty) dropping rhymes and seen The Open make a mockery of the term ‘support act’. Hell, even The Music were good.

But if there’s one band who’ve performed above and beyond the call of reason, it’s Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Seemingly unsatisfied by their string of shows in secret locations around London, the none-more-black trio turn their Brixton gig into the most stylishly understated, rockin’ headline set so far.

However, before all that, there’s all [I]this[/I]. Kasabian open the show with their Panzer-rockin’, Stone Roses-pillaging lightning bolt of a new single ‘Reason Is Treason’, and we can’t imagine anyone bettering the innately rock ‘n roll strut-monkey moves of frontman, Tom Meighan. Unless, of course, it’s The Cooper Temple Clause. Down in the photo pit, back to the audience, bass at arms-length, Didz has no trouble reminding us why we fell in love with the Reading six-some and their caution-to-the-wind attitude. Even the Crowned Kings of Cool BRMC look momentarily shaken when they finally arrive – can drummer Nick Jago [I]really[/I] be wearing a black [I]athletic vest[/I]? Oh yes… Luckily a suitably-attired Robert Turner and Peter Hayes are in beautifully nonchalant form and we’re thrown deep into an icy blizzard of raging, razor-edged noise and elongated, [I]”Fuck your government!”[/I] rants. Then, barely pausing for breath, they’re off to Camden’s Barfly to play their eighteenth show of the day at the Queens Of Noize’s first birthday party. And us? We’re going too of course – we’ve only just [I]started[/I]…

Krissi Murison