Music /The Zutons/The Open/The Engineers : London Astoria

This is glorious...

Eight things we learned from tonight’s show:

1. Dance music isn’t dead, it’s just rediscovered the joys of big trousers and Led Fuckin’ Zeppelin. Yes, The Music are the rave Jane’s Addiction. Honestly, there were glowsticks. Marvellous.

2. On balance, Engineers is not as terrible a name as we originally thought. Although that doesn’t mean there’s a moratorium on bands called Electricians, Plumbers or White Van Men.

3. Robert Harvey still ‘dances’ like a monkey being chased by the cast of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.

4. Interestingly, owning records by Sigur Ros, Slowdive or Spiritualized is still a pretty good way to get the opening slot on a NME Show. Especially if you’ve got that thunderous guitar blitzkrieg/please-sir-can-I-have-some-more whisper nailed.

5. You don’t have to dress like rubbish hippies and smoke weed during Trisha to make dazzling tunes on a symphonic scale. The Open are sharp mods and their set is, frankly, incredible.

6. You need to be barefoot to play sax properly, like Abi from The Zutons.

7. Short of intercontinental nuclear war or Pop Idol contestants each releasing ten singles – NME would prefer the former, incidentally – The Zutons’ ‘You Will You Won’t’ will be a Top Ten hit.

8. The Music may look like inmates of a criminally neglected Youth In Crisis outreach program, but they have developed from writing infectious grooves to writing proper songs, songs both snotty [I]and[/I] irresistible like ‘Welcome To The North’, ‘One Way In, No Way Out’, ‘Cessation’ and ‘Into The Night’. This is glorious.

Anthony Thornton