Adam Green : London ICA

Score empty and shallow as a friendship that lasts for a day...

If you took a leaf out of [a]Adam Green[/a]’s book, you’d be the most fickle music fan on the planet. “Bluebirds are so natural I want to buy them for my friends” he croons tonight, in front of an enthralled audience, some of whom are clutching clay offerings of the winged creatures. “Bluebirds are so dismal and I want to trade mine in”. Oh Adam. Do you like the damn birds or don’t you?

That, basically, is the essence of [a]Adam Green[/a]. A young Johnny Borrell look-alike from New York who gained recognition with anti-folk, pro-weird fancy dress band [a]Moldy Peaches[/a], he trades on contradiction and controversy. He even has a song called ‘Mozzerrella Swastikas’. Take also ‘No Legs’, which tonight Adam actually insists the venue is darkened for, just so that we will really listen to the words. As if the lines “there’s no wrong way to fuck a girl with no legs/Just tell her you love her as she’s crawling away”