London Ladbroke Grove Subterrania

Resilient chaps, these old pop stars....

Resilient chaps, these old pop stars. Not for them the defeatist line of retreating into hard drugs, monastic seclusion or a job at the Record & Tape Exchange. [a]Nik Kershaw[/a]’s chisel-cheeked face might be a bit too saggy to fit into the pantheon of modern pop but it hasn’t stopped him pumping out songs for others.

Kershaw has scribbled ballads for Boyzone, [a]Elton John[/a], Conner Reeves and Let Loose which, if nothing else, has allowed him the space to piece together ’15 Minutes’. You’d hope it would be a work of obsessive genius like those loopy Jimmy Webb solo LPs, but unsurprisingly it’s a medium-paced, Crowded House-fixated album topped off with that just about inimitable mid-Atlantic sneer which will be familiar to anyone whose first LP purchases included ‘Now That’s What I Call Music 2’.

Observational witticisms predominate, but there’s nothing quite so dumb or quintessentially pop as ‘The Riddle’ or ‘Human Racing’. Furthermore, if Chris Evans‘ breakfast show comment, “Nik is one of Britain’s best; make sure you catch him live”, isn’t enough to have you avoiding the ‘K’ section of your local Our Price, then you have our amused pity.