London W1 Improv Theatre

Debut single, [B]'God Bless The Kids'[/B], is a staccato scurry between The [B]Sweet, Supergrass[/B] and [B]The Smashing Pumpkins[/B], while [B]'Sexual Persuader'[/B] sees [B]Radiohead[/B] 'doing' [

Their singer looks like a young [a]Elvis Presley[/a] after a scrap in a glitter factory, the guitarist is The Man Who Fell To Earth, and the bassist looks like he’d take your head off, just to see what was inside. They’re called [a]Scribble[/a], they’re from Derby and they’re the sound of pop music losing all sense of self-control.

From their opening blast, a My Bloody Valentine tsunami of overdriven guitars and hysterical Gaz Coombes-like vocals, [a]Scribble[/a] barely pause for breath in a breakneck-speed rampage through a set of super-cool influences that have to fist fight their way to the surface for air.

Debut single, ‘God Bless The Kids’, is a staccato scurry between The Sweet, Supergrass and The Smashing Pumpkins, while ‘Sexual Persuader’ sees Radiohead ‘doing’ The Undertones. Even the honey-dripping pop of ‘See You Soon’ sounds like it’s on the verge of meltdown.

As [a]Scribble[/a] launch into one final torrent of noise it feels like a dam has burst. The maniacal glint in singer Ivano’s eyes could be fury or sheer panic, but as each band member in turn throws their instrument to the ground and stumbles from the stage it seems like they’re just relieved to have lived through the storm.

Such unbridled pop mayhem is rare and impossible to tame. And on this showing, they shouldn’t even try.