London King’s Cross Water Rats

Incest. The US post-hardcore community thrives off it....

Incest. The US post-hardcore community thrives off it. Pick any contemporary Yank ensemble and they feature at least two members of one seminal ’80s punk outfit or other. So it goes that [a]Burning Airlines[/a] have leapt from the ashes of Jawbox with some past association to Government Issue and Wool.

And it’s a blessing that J Robbins and company refuse to give up the ghost because BA have picked up where Jawbox left off, and in ‘Mission: Control!’ have made a debut album of teetering nervousness and rock’n’roll zip.

From the opening hit of ‘Carnival’ – huge ramraider rhythms, bustling Pixies riffage – the passion is perceptibly more tangible than Jawbox. From therein it’s a rambunctious spree of cross-rhythms, skewed guitars and hyper-tense subterranean pop energy; with Robbins‘ softly gravelled throat nailing down fidgety melodies that really shouldn’t be there at all. And on the supreme beat whiplash of ‘Wheaton Calling’, he explains his position: “You fit yourself for cracks to slip into/I fit myself for exits and I’m gone”.

One senses, tragically, that [a]Burning Airlines[/a] won’t be around for too long. Better get fanatical quick.