Logos - 'Cold Mission'

This debut album is a tribute to grime’s origins in the early 2000s

  • Release Date 02 Dec, 2013
  • Record Label Keysound
8 / 10
Logos is an east London producer, and this debut album is a tribute to grime’s origins in the early 2000s. The producer has spoken about how the album is informed by a sense of loss he feels for that period, and as such the fledgling sounds of grime pioneer Wiley’s microgenre Eskibeat are everywhere. Hollow bass, cold synth-lines, gun samples and even the odd jungle lick on numbers such ‘Alien Shapes’ and ‘Wut It Do’. But ‘Cold Mission’ is more than a nostalgia trip. Tracks like ‘Stasis’ and ‘Atlanta 96’ are like dark and ambient sci-fi soundtracks, whereas ‘Menace’ and ‘Seawolf’ are such abstract and disjointed takes on the genre they create something entirely new and exciting. This is grime, evolved.

Huw Nesbitt

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