Lostprophets - 'Weapons'

More lost than prophecy

  • Release Date 02 Apr, 2012
  • Producer Ken Andrews
  • Record Label Epic UK
  • Fact This is their first album with Luke Johnson on the drums
5 / 10
Nu-metal vets Lostprophets stated that their aim with ‘Weapons’ was to essentially re-energise the rock charts. Typical, then, that they started a pissing contest only to release a predictably uninspiring album. Their fifth studio release opens with single ‘Bring ’Em Down’, which has an egregiously over-familiar tone: “You ain’t the first to come and try/Won’t be the last to say goodbye”. Even grinding axes can’t make that sound fresh. ‘We Bring An Arsenal’ oozes gang chants worthy of a lads’ holiday and ‘Better Off Dead’ includes vocally manipulated rapping, which isn’t as unappealing as it sounds. But as a big comeback for these Welsh titans, it’s more lost than prophecy…

Kelly Murray
Lostprophets - 'Bring 'Em Down' (Behind The Scenes) Lostprophets - 'Bring 'Em Down' (Behind The Scenes)
Video: Lostprophets - 'Bring 'Em Down' (Behind The Scenes)

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