Lovelock - 'Burning Feeling'

Absolutely brilliant

  • Release Date 23 Apr, 2012
  • Producer Steve Moore
  • Record Label Internasjonal
  • Fact Lovelock is another alias of Steve Moore, along with Zombi and Gianna Rossi.
8 / 10
Some people will seek out the debut album by Lovelock, because the man behind it is Steve Moore of the band Zombi – a New York duo who play faintly absurd horror soundtrack music enjoyed mainly by metalheads. Yet they will discover, in ‘Burning Feeling’, one of the least horrific or metallic records ever. Lovelock is where Moore lives out his oiliest, most moustachioed cosmic-disco-meets-yacht-rock fantasies. Largely paced languidly enough for the cruise ship dancefloor’s erection section, synths fizz like fireworks and vocals, when they feature, are shameless requests for unnamed ladies to disrobe. Despite being a good 30 years out of time, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Noel Gardner

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