Album Review: Lydia Lunch - 'Big Sexy Noise'

The queen of no wave lets us eat cake

Lydia Lunch earned her nickname snatching sandwiches for starving musician friends. After spending the late ’70s in various punk-funk-jazz bands, thumbing through her little black book you’ll find contacts for all the major players in art-punk. Impromptu jamming sessions with Sonic Youth are part of her social routine, alongside soy lattés with Nick Cave when he’s over from Brighton. This mini-album is unhinged, raw and clearly an attempt to tie together various artistic threads, with Kim Gordon brainstorming on ‘The Gospel Singer’. It’s drawling and full of sax, but there’s little on the menu for newer listeners, and not enough fresh filling in Lunch’s noisy sandwich.

Elizabeth Sankey

6 / 10

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