Album review: Marc Carroll - 'The Dust Of Rumour'

The wrong sort of '80s revival

The ‘80s are typically remembered as a decade of power ballads and naff

synth pop, but the Pixies and the Roses delivered us from a greater horror: pious stadium folk-rock. The Waterboys, Bono and Tracey Chapman telling us to free Mandela and eat our greensŠ So why Marc Carroll wants to take us back there, God only knows. Erstwhile frontman of failed ‘90s indie bands Puppy Love Bomb and The Hormones, Marc now mainlines singer-songwriterly cliché direct from California. More Bryan Adams than Tom Petty, the only listenable song here is ‘You Just Might Be What I’ve Been Waiting For’ and that’s because it’s a blatant Byrds-via-Teenage Fanclub rip-off. Avoid like salmonella.

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Sam Richards

2 / 10

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