Album Review: Maria And The Mirrors - 'Travel Sex EP'

Throbbing electronica that rattles the brain

It’s been a while since Factory Floor first inflicted their black noise upon us, so it’s about time some new unholy trio pledged themselves to eviscerating our earlobes. Step forward Maria And The Mirrors, who are built upon an industrial foundation of Throbbing Gristle and EN, spruced up with the otherworldly electronica of Gang Gang Dance.

The title track is an elongated rumbling war march, splintered by discordant detritus ricocheting in the background as largely unintelligible words are repeated incessantly in a state of frenzied catatonia. And while the shrill vocals of Crystabel and Keira Fox may sound alluring on ‘Magadan ’92’, they’re just the sirens luring you to a cranium-squeezing demise.

Ben Hewitt

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7 / 10

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