Album Review: Mariachi El Bronx – ‘ Mariachi El Bronx (II)’

Modern age, romantic, punk

  • Release Date 02 Aug, 2011
  • Record Label Wichita
  • Fact Ray Suen plays the violin, guitar, harp, requinto jarocho, vihuela and the jarana on the record
7 / 10
If ever there was a band that reinforced the essence of punk in the modern age it’s The Bronx. It’s not just their hardcore principles – there are many bands reading from that hymn sheet. It’s the kind of spirit that means that upon being asked to perform acoustic for a TV show, they didn’t decide the most man-damning tack to take would be to pull down their pants and roast a flaming turd on the studio floor. Nope. It was to do it mariachi-style. It was a beautifully anarchistic move that’s now spawned its second (more polished) album under the Mariachi El Bronx alias. The heartbreaking ‘Fallen’ and tempered ‘48 Roses’ are bold declarations of affection, grounded only by the feisty and trumpeted fervour of ‘Map Of The World’ and ‘Matador’. Building upon the romanticism of their debut, MEB have the tenacity to create dedicated loves songs to the sweltering sounds of trad-Hispanic dance music – sans irony. You don’t get more punk than that.

Listen to ‘48 Roses’ below. Modern age punks are sensitive and affectionate.

Ash Dosanjh

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