Faithfull, Marianne : Sex With Strangers

And what strange bedfellows these are...

And what strange bedfellows these are. Specifically, the grande smoky-voiced dame in the sack with songwriter/producer Beck. What is Faithfull doing? She seems to have gone all electroclash. Here she is, blowing deadpan Jane Birkin come hithers like stale smoke rings, while Beck weighs in with some vintage electro. It's all unbearably hip, fitting seamlessly into the prevailing Hoxton mood for stern ladies saying sexy things while someone pokes a Casio with their asymmetric fringe.

But - dare we say it? - a little undignified. Nothing to do with the still-alluring Faithfull's age, let's be clear. More that it's just... bad.

Kitty Empire

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