Mark Lanegan - 'Blues Funeral'

gloomy and dark, but wonderfully so

  • Release Date 06 Feb, 2012
  • Producer Alain Johannes
  • Record Label 4AD
  • Fact He is just about to go on a world tour
In 2004 Mark Lanegan released his last solo album, ‘Bubblegum’: a totem of dark rock grind that’s as sinisterly effective as a point-blank shotgun blast. He’s been busy with The Gutter Twins and Soulsavers, but it doesn’t sound like he’s got laid since. This album’s title, ‘Blue Funeral’, is a largely unnecessary clue to its contents: that gloom-gripped, coffin-scratch voice, a suitably squealy Josh Homme guitar spot on ‘Riot In My House’, lyrics about “muddy water rising”, a song called ‘Grey Goes Black’. And, well, it’s all brilliant. Mark Lanegan will keep repeating this until his actual funeral – and no-one on earth will ‘do’ dark better until that day comes.

Jamie Fullerton

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