Mark Ronson and Katy B - 'Move To The Beat'

Ronson's Olympic team-up with Ms B

Tom Oxley/NME
Pic: Tom Oxley/NME
Once you get past the gigantic endorsements in the video (even Rono’s decked out in the Coca-Cola colours of white and red) and the rather distracting sportsmanship on display (sorry “The Olympics”), ‘Move To The Beat’ is a much more chilled out affair than we were expecting. Less “100 Meter Dash” and more “Synchronized Swimming In A Lava Lamp.”

After the eclectic and edgy production of ‘Record Collection’, Ronson’s seemingly smoothed out his rough edges for ‘Move To The Beat’. The most interesting parts of the track are the sparse, percussive verse and the icy synths on the pre-chorus. The actual chorus itself seems rather tacked on and slightly too similar to the the PC World theme for our liking.

Whilst we're cool with Katy B moving further into a more streamlined sound than ever (at times she delivers a note with the same veteran's glow as Rihanna), perhaps things are a bit too comfortable?

But we’re thankful on two counts. Firstly there’s a distinct lack of cringey, sports metaphors. And secondly, it’s not the other proposed Olympic track, Dionne Bromfield and Tinchy Stryder’s version of Speech Debelle’s ‘Spinning’ (phew). That being said, we imagine there are several catchy, clanging remixes just around the corner which will see things nicely roughed up around the edges.

Priya Elan

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