Matchbox 20 : Last Beautiful Girl

To these ears it sounds no worse than REM do these days...

Look out! It's chronic US country-rock bores Matchbox 20, the ones

with the singer who looks like Louis Theroux! Too late. As it

urns out, 'Last Beautiful Girl' isn't just retrogressive tosh,

but, as the press release blithely informs us, retrogressive tosh which sells

millions and millions of copies.

To these ears it sounds no worse than REM do these days, and they still wallpaper their

mansions with good reviews (in-flight magazines excepted).

On a Buddhist note: how can all be right in the universe when =Matchbox 20 continue to clean up and Gay Dad (who, let's face it,

would sound not unlike this given two year-long American tours) fail?

Jason Fox

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