Album Review: Melissa Auf der Maur - 'Out Of Our Minds' (Roadrunner)

The former Hole bassist's new album is woefully slight in comparison to her debut

Back in 2004, Melissa Auf der Maur did the unimaginable and quietly upstaged her former Hole bandmate Courtney Love as they launched their debut solo projects in the same year – no mean feat. Full of the kind of overblown rock posturing left untapped since the early ’90s, her debut proved to be a guilty pleasure. Part of a Viking-themed multimedia project no less, follow-up ‘Out Of Our Minds’ feels woefully slight in comparison. Still brazenly intent on rhyming every other syllable, Auf der Maur too often leads these songs down aimless proggy tangents, resulting in what might well pass as background music for a goth dinner party.

Tom Edwards

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5 / 10

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