Album Review: Micah P Hinson - '...And The Pioneer Saboteurs' (Full Time Hobby)

A frustratingly unfocused listen from a fine artist

The world is running away from Micah P Hinson. Something of a husky country prodigy on his 2004 debut, now he’s a 20-something Texan bwoy alarmed and confused by the hand-basket ride his country is taking to Hell. The untethered havoc of this fourth album is designed to reflect these disorientating times and, sure enough, it sounds like Band Of Horses breaking out of their holding pen and roaming randomly across wide open prairies – the Big Music untamed. However, other than the fantastically chaotic ‘Watcher, Tell Us Of The Night’ ushering in a rallying final quarter, it makes for a frustratingly unfocused listen from a fine artist lost in his own magnificent noises.

Mark Beaumont

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6 / 10

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