Milk Music - 'Violence Now'

Proof that Milk Music have something special

Richard Johnson/NME
Photo: Richard Johnson/NME
Corporate, bland, derivative, cocksucking, over-produced, over-hyped shite. This is everything Milk Music are not, and ‘Violence Now’ proves it. We knew they were bloody good even before they landed on UK soil a few weeks ago, and they cemented their reputation as true gutterpunk trailblazers with packed-out shows in east London basements and strange recording studios. Now – just before they embark on a US tour that’ll see them play with worthy bedfellows Iceage – comes this song, rescued from obscure flexi-disc hell and slung on SoundCloud for the first time. It’s certainly the most lo-fi thing we’ve ever put in On Repeat, sounding like the tinniest Manics demo in existence and easily rough enough to make the most hardened punk jump for joy.

Here: it’s about the way everything skids to a halt every 30 seconds – save for the ear-piercing, bruised squall of rank feedback. There: it’s about the way they’re catapulted back into spittlepunk revolver-action by singer Alex Coxen’s Strummer-esque scream of “VIOLENCE!” – not once but EIGHT times during its far-too-short two minutes and 15 seconds. Everywhere: it’s because Milk Music are a proper, proper garage band, and perhaps the only one that still truly dares to exist in 2012. Repeat, repeat, repeat and be damned.
Matt Wilkinson

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