Mirroring - 'Foreign Body'

Crawls under the skin, stubbornly lodging itself there

  • Release Date 19 Mar, 2012
  • Record Label Kranky
8 / 10
Anyone familiar with either Grouper or Tiny Vipers’ Jesy Fortino should be able to build up a reasonably accurate mental picture of what a collaboration between the two would sound like. Hazy, droning backdrops? Check. Muffled acoustic guitars? Check. Delicate vocals submerged in the background? Check. Still, they’re so well suited that the pair’s beautiful and sad debut album as Mirroring proves far more than the sum of its parts. At its best when they pool their strengths – highlight ‘Mine’, on which Grouper sinks Fortino’s voice in a whole swimming pool’s worth of watery reverb – ‘Foreign Body’ crawls under the skin and stubbornly lodges itself there.

Rory Gibb

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