Moonface (with Siinai) - 'Heartbreaking Bravery'

Swirling synths abound

  • Release Date 16 Apr, 2012
  • Producer Spencer Krug and Siinai
  • Record Label Jagjaguwar
  • Fact 'Moonface' is Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade
6 / 10
Spencer Krug would presumably insist that all of the 827 Canadian bands he plays in are equally important. But, realistically, most people will associate him with Wolf Parade first, ranking the others according to their indie tunefulness. Krug’s second album as Moonface finds him collaborating with Siinai, a Finnish group given to krautrock retroisms – but this is less cosmic or indulgent than expected. Swirling synths abound, but remain encased in four-minute micro-epics which sometimes mine the icy ambition of pre-megastardom Simple Minds. The result should move Moonface up Krug buffs’ personal rankings.

Noel Gardner

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