Album Review: Motorhead - The World Is Yours (SPV)

Lemmy and comrades strike back after a disappointing 2008 album

Motorhead’s previous album, 2008’s ‘Motörizer’, found Lemmy and comrades striving to maintain their bad-ass reputation at the mercy of a sterile production and a bunch of frankly mediocre songs. Thankfully, on ‘The World Is Yours’ the band sound more engaged than they have in some time. The perennial music crit line with Motorhead is that every album sounds much the same. This isn’t true, as fans of the Bill Laswell-produced ‘Orgasmatron’ will attest. A grim echo of that unorthodox classic manifests here in the form of ‘Brotherhood Of Man’, a war-obsessed grinder which reconfigures many of the elements that made the 1986 album’s title track so chillingly effective.

Joseph Stannard
7 / 10

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