Wakolda – Film Review

Harrowing chiller based on Lucía Puenzo’s award-winning book

An adaptation of her award-winning book, Lucía Puenzo’s Wakolda (also known as The German Doctor) is the fictional story of an Argentine family who encounter real-life Nazi physician Josef Mengele – wanted, as he was in 1960 when the film is set, for war crimes. He takes an interest in the family’s daughter, Lilith, a sickly looking girl with Haim-long hair and a growth defect, and gives her dodgy hormones to ‘help’ her get taller. Mengele is, to put it mildly, one sick motherfucker, but his gruesome nature is drawn out at a gradual, subtle pace and the result is more glacial thriller than shield-your-eyes horror. Throw in a freaky doll metaphor and it’s as chilling as the snowcaps on the surrounding mountains.

Kate Hutchinson


Director: Lucia Puenzo
Release date: 08 Aug, 2014