They Came Together – Film Review

Entertaining rom-com spoof takes pot shots at everything from 'Friends' to 'Annie Hall'

“It’s kind of a corny romantic comedy story…” explains Paul Rudd’s Joel at the start of this entertaining parody. Director David Wain wrote Role Models and Wanderlust (the latter featuring another hilarious turn from Rudd) and shuns the usual rom-com soppiness here in a spoof taking pot-shots at everything from Friends to Annie Hall. Via long flashbacks, Joel and love interest Molly (the outstanding Amy Poehler) tell their story on a present-day double-date. They meet when Joel’s corporate company threatens to close Molly’s sweet shop and, initially, opposites attract and their smutty repartee flows at sit-com speed. Their delivery makes the script sparkle (”How do you sleep at night? I usually jack off”), and the film plays out as an entertaining subversion of its genre.


Director: David Wain
Release date: 05 Sep, 2014