John Wick – Film Review

Keanu reeves embarks on a killing spree after a rich douchebag kills his dog

In this directorial debut from stunt actor David Leitch – Brad Pitt’s double in Fight Club – retired hitman John Wick (Keanu Reeves) is grieving for his wife, helped by a Beagle puppy she sent from her deathbed. He’s awakened from his torpor when a former business associate’s son, Josef (Alfie Allen, Game Of Thrones star and brother of Lily), breaks into Wick’s house to steal his car and kills the puppy. Wick embarks on a mission to kill Josef and anyone who stands in his way, including the boy’s mobster father (Michael Nyqvist). Reeves’ brutal anti-hero is convincing and if you can accept that a dead dog is the motivation for his killing spree – which includes turning a nightclub’s VIP pool into a bloodbath – this stylish thriller offers a well-paced and exciting ride.