Mudhoney - 'Vanishing Point'

Putting the fun in grunge since 1988

Photo: Press
  • Release Date 01 Apr, 2013
  • Record Label Sub Pop
8 / 10
Putting the fun in grunge since 1988, Mudhoney drink from the familiar well of Iggy on their ninth album with outrageously enjoyable results. In total command of their combination of punishing rock and loveable looseness, ‘Vanishing Point’ often sounds like the last blast of a 72-hour Hold Steady jam. Drummer Dan Peters is the most impressive, providing a firework display of barely contained rolls and crashes. As well as a song called ‘Douchebags On Parade’ there’s also a Lyric Of The Year contender on ‘I Like It Small’: “And when I orgy, I cap it at 12/Any more than that and… I get overwhelmed”. What’s not to like?

Thom Gibbs

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