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They apparently "make [a]Slipknot[/a] look like [a]Daphne & Celeste[/a]".

Mudvayne are Gurrg, Kud, sPaG and Ryknow. They apparently "make Slipknot look like Daphne & Celeste". They wear really scary post-Darth Maul make-up and facial prosthetics and they write 'songs' called 'Internal Primates Forever', 'Mutatis Mutandis', 'Recombinant Resurgence' and 'Prod'. They use rude words like "fuck" and "cocksucker" a lot, sample 'evolved consciousness guru' Terence McKenna and the title of their album is a reference to the amount of a toxic material required to slaughter 50 out of 100 test victims. Oh yes.

So what we're expecting here is utterly demented Killer Klowns From Outer Space with-the-keys-to-the-crack-cupboard ultra-demented psycho-rawk! Sort of what Rage Against The Machine would sound like if they were bad people. With added growling! And inhuman howling and gut-rumbling bastard bass and migraine-inducing sub-sonic discordance! An unholy stew, baby, a musical ebola - sort of what Batman's evilly grinning nemesis The Joker would sound like if he was satanically-oriented baggy-kekked sportzmeddle-head trailer trash.

And we get that in spades. Unfortunately we also get far too many incidences of Rush-style mid-'70s ponce metal 'proper' singing. Think Yes. Think 'Stonehenge' by Spinal Tap. Think prog-rock bollocks, baby! And weep - weep like poor ol' bleeding Jesus on the cross for the desecration of such potentially monumental ugliness with what can only be described as 'good taste'. Yuk!

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