Imbruglia, Natalie : Wrong Impression

...pretty enough song from a pretty girl with a pretty voice...

Bambi eyes and beestung lips are all very well to a point, but it seems Ms Imbroolywooly is forever struggling to prove she is more than the sum of her parts. Five years, a fame-induced dose of performance anxiety and a heck of a lot of Coldplay gigs on from 'Torn', this is Natalie Imbruglia discovering the sweet indie of The Sundays. Jangly guitars, lots of words sung quite fast in the chorus, even an oh-so-elegant key change are all textbook take-me-seriously tricks, deployed here with the grace Natalie Imbruglia has always oozed. Indeed, 'Wrong Impression' is a pretty enough song from a pretty girl with a pretty voice that somehow works much better in the delicately lovely context of her ignored album, 'White Lilies Island'. It's just that, as Ian Brown would confirm, very little is worth taking five years over.

Siobhan Grogan

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