Night Moves - 'Colored Emotions'

Swirly psych-pop with a brazen retro sheen, but where's the imagination?

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  • Release Date 18 Mar, 2013
  • Record Label Domino
6 / 10
Thanks to the efforts of bands from MGMT to Tame Impala, swirly psych-pop with a brazen retro sheen has become the modus operandi for new bands who have haircuts as outrageous as their drug consumption. Minneapolis trio Night Moves have followed the formula – from the paisley shirts through to the circling reverb and crystal-cut guitar whooshes. That’s not to say there isn’t stimulating stuff on this debut, but the AM radio pulse of the title track, the San Franciscan sway of ‘Old Friends’ and the loveliness of ‘Country Queen’, with its sweet acoustic fade into ‘In The Rounds’, is overshadowed by a nagging lack of imagination.

Leonie Cooper

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