Nigo Feat Ben Lee Freediving Mo'Wax

Nigo Feat Ben Lee

Freediving (Mo'Wax)

One's a painfully hip Japanese clothing designer whose simian-flavoured skate

couture is beloved of theBeastie Boys. The other's a mumbling Aussie

singer-songwriter whose idling jangle is beloved of the Beastie Boys. The

song's a priority-play on Xfm. Doesn't bode well, does it?

Well, hush your

cynical mouths, because 'Freediving', the first single off Nigo's

forthcoming 'Apesounds' album, is sunshine slacker-pop of the finest

variety, and a perfectly winning example of Brian Wilson-esque whimsy.

Taking the psychedelic keyboard riff from 'Good Vibrations' as its

starting point, 'Freediving' is a four-minute excursion into foggy-headed

melancholia, with the wizened-before-his-time Lee murmuring, "Watch out who you put your trust in", as he

absent-mindedly waxes his surfboard and stares forlornly out into the sea.

The package also includes a Stereo MCs remix which could feasibly be used

to sell mid-range hatchback cars at some point in the near future.

Stevie Chick

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