Album Review: Nite Jewel - 'Good Evening'

Tune-free Italo posers

When Italo disco was formulated in the early ’80s it was intended as a harpoon of pop sensibility through the burly machismo of the day. Its second coming, as a noughties hip-record-collector-tool-cum-buzzy-dancefloor fad, has seen New York’s Italians Do It Better become ambassadors for the genre’s off-kilter synth tactics. Following acts such as Glass Candy and Chromatics, Nite Jewel, once of the IDIB stable, ply cynically kitsch, lo-fi proto-electro, strewn with aimless warbling and unintelligible faux-divaisms. Like their too-cool-for-school foremothers, they kind of miss the point of what Italo is about. Unlike them, however, over 10 tracks, they can’t even muster one bleedin’ catchy choon. Humph.

Jaimie Hodgson

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4 / 10

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