Album Review: Nitzer Ebb - ' Industrial Complex'

Industrial estate of mind

With the mordant dance of Factory Floor and Cold Cave on the rise, is it time for a resurgence in the noirish, heavy electro peddled by their ‘80s forebears? Nitzer Ebb’s new album sounds like Depeche Mode if they’d stuck with the dark stuff rather than soundtracking tawdry Home Counties swingers parties. Their well-lubricated machinery still sounds fit for purpose after over quarter of a century on the shop floor. Jackhammer beats and grumping synthesizers abound while cogs are ground furiously on the laser-finished, half-rapped ‘Payroll’, the sleazy EBM of ‘Down On Your Knees’ and the riveting ‘Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang’. Nitzer Ebb prove they’re far from obsolete.

Luke Turner

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8 / 10

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