Ocean Colour Scene : Profit in peace

Makes the prospect of global thermonuclear war seem strangely alluring.

"Hey, hey, hey/We don't wanna fight no more", wails Simon


War is bad, kids - y'know, people get hurt and that. Hence the return of Ocean Colour Scene - the mod-mad mid-'60s are


there's a big ol' war goin' on over in Vietnam and curse Lyndon


for not bringing our boys back home.

Heavy-handed sarcasm aside, this is indeed an anti-war song, a concept as inane as an anti-cancer ballad but expecting anything better of our haughty pals the Scene was probably a bit

naive. More

sample lyrics:"And all those who lost their feet or hands/Don't wanna fight no more".

No shit, Sherlock.

So intellectually it's a nonstarter, but what does it sound like? Well, y'know, it's a big folky stomp like something off John Lennon's best-forgotten album of inane protest songs,

'Sometime In

New York City

Makes the prospect of global thermonuclear war seem strangely alluring.

Jim Wirth

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