Of Montreal - 'Paralytic Stalks'

Proud indulgence and defiant campness

  • Release Date 06 Feb, 2012
  • Producer Kevin Barnes, Drew Vandenberg
  • Record Label Polyvinyl
  • Fact This is apparently the most "personal" record to date
Hard, in this era of the squeezed middle, to feel wholly sour towards a band whose latest album’s lead single (‘Dour Percentage’) features a jazz-folk flute solo. Indie-prog concept-humpers Of Montreal are revered for their proud indulgence and defiant campness, meaning that 11th album ‘Paralytic Stalks’ will probably play well with an established fanbase. It might also mean that frontman Kevin Barnes’ autopilot moments – ‘surreal’ couplets with swirly keyboards and screechy violins – get hailed as eccentric genius. Yet that’s no reason to throw properly out-there excellence, like the cut’n’paste head trauma of ‘Exorcisimic Breeding Knife’, out with the bathwater.
Noel Gardner

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