Album Review: Ohbijou - 'Beacons'

Canadian indie, Arcade Fire, yawnorama...

Win Butler still thinks he invented a new place for pop music to go. Sadly, for every Arcade Fire

there are 17million Ohbijous right behind them, parping out inconsequentially life-affirming orchestral indie-folk. Like the 37th post-Broken Social Scene side-project, Toronto’s Casey Mecija and six of her bestest mandolin-clutching pals all sum up to the same bag of meaningless over-sequined bluster we’ve heard way too often. Nowadays, those soft chimes on ‘Make It Gold’ are like the sound that Satan makes when he slithers on his belly through the air conditioning vents. The way it all builds to a pseudo-blinding pseudo-climax is about the same rush you get when negotiating the APR on a Renault Megane.

Gavin Haynes

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3 / 10

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