Album review : One Day International


Facts about this album:

* One Day International formed in Dublin in 2007.

They are Matt Lunson, Cormac Curran, Eimear O'Grady, Danny Snow and Ross Turner.

* 'Blackbird' is their debut album.

Album review:

Offering nicely eerie folk music for awkward boys, this Dublin-based five-piece deliver their well-written songs quite beautifully. You can imagine stumbling into a tent at a boutique festival and having the last of your serotonin drawn out by them. With the lyrics so upfront, you've got to tread carefully. Mostly singer Cormac Curran casts himself as a shambolic romantic, as in 'Miss Your Mouth' and the haunting highlight, 'Not Over You'. However, the booziness exhibited on 'Black Is The Bird' may explain the huge faux pas of 'Little Death', on which he guides a girl through an astonishing orgasm: "You're slain as the armies of pleasure and pain/Come out to battle again and again". Less Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, more David Brent's 'Excalibur'.

Martin Robinson

More on this artist:

One Day International NME Artist Page

One Day International MySpace

6 / 10

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