London WC2 The End

Raving, we are raving...

Raving, we are raving. But the guy raving the hardest, jerking from side to side like a robot blowing a fuse, is up in the DJ booth perched behind a laptop. It's his music - he can dance if he wants to.

He is Aleksi Perdld - Ovuca to the literally dozens of people who have bought his records - and this is near enough a launch party for the Laplander's second album, 'Onclements', on Aphex Twin's Rephlex label, a 71(!)-track work of magnificent scope and sonorous electronic beauty fashioned from the most rudimentary equipment.

Although this is not what he plays tonight. In fact, God knows what you'd call the brain-frying barrage of sounds Ovuca elicits from his machine. Part Aphex prodigy, part country-lad-comes- to-big-city innocent, Perdld toys with the crowd, splicing punch after punch of 200bpm gabba magic with klaxon-splattered hardcore riffs.

We return to find Ovuca wiping his brow with a sweatband, grinning, as he guides the arrow on his screen to another hazardous sound-block.

Not as knowingly arch as fellow laptop evangelist Kid 606, nor, yet, a master of ultraviolent ruptures ` la Aphex, Ovuca is a true original. But enough about his dancing - the music's pretty interesting too.

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