Paul Weller

Wild Wood (Deluxe Edition)

Dating back to the days (just) before he became forever known as The Modfather™, Paul Weller’s second solo album was the record that liberated him from his previous typecast: That Bloke What Used To Be In The Jam/Style Council. Informed as much by Nick Drake as by his notorious influences (The Who, Small Faces), it’s imbued with the sound of its creator establishing a fine new identity. ‘Sunflower’, ‘Has My Fire Really Gone Out?’, ‘Shadow Of The Sun’... most of ‘Wild Wood’ is both a match for any work that preceded it and more invigorated than most of the Weller albums that would follow. Extra tracks-wise, there’s the usual mix of fan-only curios (a Portishead remix of the title track) and everyone-should-own hidden treasures (B-side ‘This Is No Time’), making this a package for both devotees and new converts alike.

Hamish MacBain
8 / 10

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