Album Review: Peggy Sue - 'Fossils And Other Phantoms' (Wichita)

This duo blossom in the bitterest of experiences

Around the same time we were first being blown away by the lungs of a girl called Florence, we were also seduced by a duo who shared her way with a dark tale, her bluesy bellow. Rather than blossom into big-money production or rush to emulate the Machine’s success, though, Rosa Rex and Katy Klaw have played a long game. Their spooky, sexy, dark folk is kept bare and bolshy, like Laura Marling with sex and humour. ‘Watchmen’, a wry and bitter ballad of users and the used, typifies the emotional power of their close harmonies; rather than sugary they’re like bereft, echoing ghosts. You’d wonder how anyone could unearth anything to excite in the overploughed fields of folk and Americana; good songs, though, spring eternal.

Emily Mackay

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7 / 10

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