Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party

Ultra Payloaded

perry farrell Uncut party sxsw 2006
Whoah there! Before you hotfoot it over to Threshers to stock up on bottles of 20:20 and a six-pack of cider, this isn’t that type of party. Perry Farrell’s Satellite Party is a star-studded musical organisation (RHCP, Peter Hook), here to save the world from global warming, regardless of the fact that MCR’s ‘The Black Parade’ convinced pretty much everybody on Earth that there’s nothing left worth saving. But Farrell’s do-gooder underlining message is only half the reason you’ll be put off. The closing hippy mantra treat of ‘Woman In The Window’ aside – a song that features an unheard Jim Morrison vocal – ‘Ultra Payloaded’ is largely sub-U2 in a world where Bono is already the undisputed king of dullard stadium rock. Just say ‘No’! Vote Black!

Stuart Stubbs
3 / 10

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