Album Review: Pin Me Down - 'Pin Me Down' (Animalised)

The Bloc Party member is capable of more

So, first of the four to emerge from Bloc Party’s hiatus with new material is guitarist Russell Lissack. Expectations were high when he and former Black Moustacher Milena Mepris gave us ‘Cryptic’ – our first taste of PMD – two years ago. Its reversing-van electro bleeps and disco-trash, Girls Aloud-style hooks got us all hot with album anticipation, and so it makes for the perfect opener. But since 2008 it seems Mepris has enrolled at Camp Rock and taken a horrible turn for the Miley Cyrus. Shoving her way to the front of ‘Treasure Hunter’ and ‘Meet The Slekirks’ with nasal, stagey belts, Russell’s talent is elbowed into the shadows. This album is a misstep from a man capable of infinitely more.

Camille Augarde
4 / 10

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