Pink : You Make Me Sick

In which Pink extracts her tongue from her boyfriend's mouth long enough to tell him she hates him. Nice...

In their immortal collaboration, 'Break Ups To Make Ups', Method Man and D'Angelo encapsulated in just four words how men view women like Pink: "And plus you're miserable".

Face it, in the flavour taste-test of relationships, Pink is a sour puss. Constantly bemoaning the state of her love life and her partner's shortcomings, it's a wonder she doesn't make like Whitney Houston and be single (hey, it's all right and it's okay). Like the dullard who inspired her storming debut single 'There You Go', Pink is caught up in another dating fiasco on 'You...'. She can't stand her boyfriend but is torn because she still fancies the pants off him.

Message summation aside, this track, Pink's second single from her debut album 'Can't Take Me Home' (which has shifted over two million joints in the US alone) doesn't better 'There U Go', although it tries. And that's the problem, it tries to damn hard. The melody sounds weaker than it should and Pink gruesomely over-sings. Her vocals, like TLC's T Boz, are best when they're not forced but bathed in sneering nonchalance.

Unfortunately Method Man and D'Angelo haven't got around to critiquing that yet. Great video though. She's, like, really kissing him isn't she? With tongues!!

Soul mama
4 / 10

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