Album Review: Pixie Lott - 'Young Foolish Happy'

It's not fit for purpose

  • Release Date 07 Nov, 2011
  • Producer The Invisible Men, Brian Kidd, Rusko, Stranger
  • Record Label Mercury
  • Fact Her album launch party was hosted on a boat on the Thames.
4 / 10
As infuriating as the phrase ‘not fit for purpose’ is (politician talk for ‘doesn’t work’), it fits Pixie Lott. Pout-faced Pixie’s purpose for the ardent indie fan is to goad you into a violent hatred that strengthens your sense of what’s true and beautiful. And yet… the pumping, Ke$ha-ish hi-NRG jubilance of ‘All About Tonight’ is… quite good. The defanged Rihanna-ish hip-pop of ‘What Do You Take Me For?’ with Pusha T is… quite good. Her Jools Holland-ready retropop collaboration with Stevie Wonder is… horrible, but still not horrible enough. Rather than righteous ire, you’re left with only a sense of moral and cultural confusion, rather as if you’d caught yourself lusting after an ironing board.

Duncan Gillespie

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