Album Review: Planningtorock - 'W'

When art-rock experimentalism isn't simply weird but wonderful

If you’re mates with Karin Dreijer Andersson, have co-written an opera with The Knife and make music that sounds like Fever Ray viewed in a funhouse reflection, you’d better be pretty fucking good to dodge the hail of copycat accusations surely heading your way. Luckily Planningtorock, alias Janine Rostron, has delivered ‘W’, a masterpiece of art-pop experimentalism that gleefully expands on her debut.

Looking like something ripped from the pages of Jean Cocteau’s sketchbook and sounding like an existentially challenged cat, tracks like ‘Living It Out’ and ‘The One’ make Rostron our fave Bolton-born, Berlin-resident frau with a freaky prosthetic nose. Bar none.

Alex Denney

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8 / 10

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