Album Review: Prins Thomas - 'Prins Thomas' - (Full Pupp)

The sound of Belle & Sebastian in search of the perfect groove

Among certain bearded record collectors, Prins Thomas is a god. With his fellow Norwegians, Lindstrøm and ‘Todd’ Terje, he forms cosmic disco’s modern holy trinity, without whom there might have been no Horse Meat Disco, no Italians doing it better. His best remixes (see Fredo Viola’s ‘The Sad Song’ or Doves‘Kingdom of Rust’) are renowned for their controlled drama. Thomas’ own music is more discursive, and this solo debut (seven tracks, 60 minutes) has its whimsical, proggy longueurs. Yet, when the krautrock, disco and early techno stars align, Thomas soars. ‘Sauerkraut’ is stunning. Building coquettishly with a gloriously melodic pay-off, it sounds like Belle & Sebastian in search of the perfect groove.

Tony Naylor

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7 / 10

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