PS I Love You - 'For Those Who Stay'

Powerful Canadian two-piece return gallant and ambitious on their third album

  • Release Date 21 Jul, 2014
  • Producer PS I Love You, Mike Rogalsky
  • Record Label Paper Bag
8 / 10
Canadian twosome PS I Love You do a fine line in rousing, observant indie rock, driven by frontman Paul Saulnier’s considerable gifts as a guitarist and writer. To date, their songs have come across as lo-fi paeans to smalltown ennui, but there are differences with this third album. Saulnier left home (Kingston, Ontario) for Toronto and hit a proper studio with drummer Benjamin Nelson to create a record that’s thicker and less forlorn than their previous two, but still elemental, clever and full of surprising left turns. “I’m sorry that I forgot about that thing I was supposed to do” from ‘In My Mind At Least’ is a terrific opening line to an album; then, on ‘Advice’, Sauliner counters blankness – “We’re never going to win” – with ambition to find “something good”. There’s more raw optimism on ‘Friends Forever’ and a monster, cosmic whirlpool of a title track. It’s bolder than before, and easily their best-executed album yet.

Phil Hebblethwaite

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