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Puddle Of Mudd : Come Clean

Durst protege in grunge farrago...

Puddle Of Mudd : Come Clean

5 / 10 As a trawl through the archives sparks a resurgent flurry of interest in the
Nirvana legend, this turns up with alarming punctuality. A cockle-warmingly
all-American success story, Wes Scanlin was freed from his crappy dishwasher
job when his demo tape reached the ears of Fred Durst. Freddy booked him
into a studio, pieced together a slickly competent backing group, and Puddle
Of Mudd (a name so bad, incidentally, you suspect it could have only been
devised by someone who thought Limp Bizkit was born.

The result, debut LP 'Come Clean', carries with it the solemn proclamation
that Grunge Is Not Dead. Maybe not, but in POM's case it's hanging around
the morgue with an unseemly glint in its eye. On the upside, this isn't half
as bad as the quite ghastly Staind . However, there's a similar drought of
ideas - Scanlin is a very good Kurt Cobain impersonator, and the band
replicate Nirvana's pop-metal crossbreed where most others fail abjectly.
It's just rather pointless.

Lazily one-dimensional a comparison as it sounds, the bulk of 'Come Clean'
really is a lengthy game of Guess The Nirvana Song. 'Nobody Told Me''s
yowled chorus recalls 'On A Plain'. 'She Hates Me' is a cross between
'Sliver' and 'About A Girl'. 'Bring Me Down' has heard 'In Bloom' once too
often. 'Drift And Die' is a little like the Cobain-championed Meat puppets,
which in this context represents diversion of a sort.

It isn't so much a bad record as a baffling one - why would you want to set
your parameters as narrow as this? At least nu-metallers like Bizkit
themselves open their ears sufficiently to render their schtick, well, new.
Commendable, perhaps, that Durst is casting his A&R net wider than endless
Bizkit clones - but this shameless homage isn't much better. Puddle Of Mudd
kick up a few decent fuzzstorms, but ultimately it's just surface noise.

Noel Gardner

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